Lovelesh Shukla

He has 10 years of experience in Bhajan Sandhya, Mata ki chowki, Sunder kand Path, Samridhi Bhagwat Katha, Jagran, Ramayan Path.

  • 10+ Years exeperience
  • 30k+ trusted audience
  • 24x7 hours availablity

About Us

He was born on 13th Sep, the year was 1989, and He was there on this earth to Challenging rhythm, lyrics. He made himself stable with perseverance, and He comes to the top 10 and never looks back.Also, He sings the Sufiyani Gayaki. there is wonderful coordination of bhakti, sangeet in his bhajans. Hence his bhajans are heard with love, care, and ease and are admired by the listeners.

Some Quotes - “Path kya pathik kushalta kya, Yadi path me beekahre shul na ho, Navik ki dhairya kushalta kya ,Jab dharayen pratikkul na ho.”


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We are providing full-service performance based on devotional songs In India. This gives us a unique perspective on things.

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That’s the same thing he is going to need to do to feel confident talking. It’s the combo platter of coming up with what he wants to say, fine-tuning it, practicing it, and then making it feel real and spontaneous at the moment.

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